Banks Shutting Down Conservative Accounts & Big Tech Dangers | Thiel, Masters & More | Rubin Report

Video by: The Rubin Report   Shared by…  WWG1WGA   2022/2024

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Blake Masters, Peter Thiel, James Damore, Chris Pavlovski, and Francis Suarez about the dangers lurking inside big tech and what’s being done to break up the big tech monopoly in this special “best of” episode. Blake Masters shines a light on conservative discrimination at Wells Fargo. Peter Thiel explains the dangers of baby boomer dominance in Silicon Valley. James Damore explains what really happened leading up to the infamous “Google memo”. Chris Pavlovski explains the secret that makes Rumble safe from big tech censorship. Finally, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez explains how he’s creating a Miami tech hub to provide some much needed big tech alternatives.

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