Does Biden Regret These Decisions as Gas Prices Punish Voters? | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Video by: Dave Rubin The Rubin Report… Shared by “America First”

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about how President Biden’s energy policies have exacerbated high gas prices, why the U.S. is now begging OPEC, and Saudi Arabia for help with oil prices, why Biden may have regrets about not supporting the Keystone XL pipeline, and why Stephen Colbert thinks rising gas prices are actually a good thing. First, Dave shares some clips of Joe Biden to showcase how the Biden energy policy has led us away from US energy independence. While the Ukraine war and sanctions against Russian oil have caused the most recent spike in gas prices, many are ignoring that under Biden energy prices have been rising for some time. Don’t worry, Pete Buttigieg suggests that we just all buy electric vehicles! The fears of oil price spikes are causing Biden to become desperate and beg oppressive regimes like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to increase their oil production. But, countries like Saudi Arabia appear to be drifting away from America. Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki if maybe Biden should change his mind on the Keystone pipeline and the Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney suggested that oil could have been coming on line later this year if Biden had supported the pipeline. Finally, Don Lemon and other CNN hosts past comments on gas prices are not aging well. But, their comments couldn’t be as tone-deaf as Stephen Colbert’s being fine with $15 a gallon gas because he drives a Tesla. Meanwhile, MSNBC host Joy Reid figured out how to make the Russia Ukraine conflict about race and “whiteness”. Finally, a clip of Kamala Harris painting the picture of a zero emissions utopia.


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